SalaBlu+ is a smartphone application for the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (the Italian Railway network) that, upon registration, allows travellers with disabilities and reduced mobility to request Sala Blu for assistance in accessing the departing train, locating the assigned seat and with accompaniment to the exit or to the train for the next journey leg.

Category: Digital journey planning services/platforms

Developer: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

Main function: Digital journey planning service/platform

What is the main sub-function of the service/product: Navigation and transport assistance for persons with mobility issues or disabilities

Target group(s): People with disabilities: reduced mobility

Countries/cities of operation: Italy

Technologies needed to use the service:

  • Laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection for journey planning
  • Tablet or smartphone with mobile internet connection on the way for real-time turn-by-turn navigation

Is there a non-digital way to use this service or product? Yes, assistance can be requested by phone and at a train station offering Sala Blu services.

Why is this a good example?

Reason(s) Integrates different services into one
More details Trip planning, booking and special assistance services.
Tags Functionality-Integration of services

Reason(s) Service dedicated to passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility
More details The service allows people with reduced mobility to travel by train with special assistance at the stations of origin and destination, and at interconnections. It is possible to send a travel request not less than 24h from the departure time. SalaBlu proposes different options for the trip within three hours.
Tags Specific user groups-People with disabilities

Reason(s) Accessibility features and options
More details The site has been created in compliance with the current Italian legislation on accessibility (Law No. 4/2004) and certified according to the standards recommended by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Sufficient colour contrast is provided between information content and background; an equivalent alternative text is provided for each non-text object on the pages; data entry is facilitated; and the movement commands can be selected from the keyboard.
The site has obtained the certification of accessibility issued by the ASPHI Foundation onlus (Assessment of Accessibility, included in the ministerial lists) in October 2017.
Tags Accessibility

Reason(s) Available in multiple languages
More details Italian and English
Tags International aspects, Specific user groups-Migrants

Reason(s) Offers access to the service/product via non-digital ways
More details Via a call centre and/or ticket office
Tags Caters for low technology users

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Categories: Digital journey planning services/platforms
Tags: Accessibility, Caters for low technology users, Functionality, International Aspects, Specific user groups