Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya logoEvaluation & validation, to assess the impacts and effectiveness of the DIGNITY approach

As a final step, DIGNITY will evaluate the co-creation processes, outcomes and the resulting local strategies with local service providers. In order to connect the wider vision, strategies and conditions to the individual needs of the end users, it is necessary to set out requirements for service providers to meet and determine how feasible it is for service providers to implement these strategies. By evaluating the impacts generated in the pilots, DIGNITY will be able to draw conclusions and distil policy recommendations that can be applied across Europe, along with practical guidelines for the design of inclusive digital transport eco-systems. These will take the form of the DIGNITY toolkit, a user-friendly manual helping public authorities, transport operators and private providers consider the needs and requirements of different segments of the population in their decision-making processes.



Number of


Leading Partner
Evaluation Guidelines Report D4.1 UPC
Pilot cases evaluation Report D4.2 (pending review) UPC
DIGNITY framework validation report D4.3 (pending review) UPC
Building a gender-neutral transportation system: Recommendations and checklist D4.4 (pending review) ISINNOVA
Report/booklet with recommendations D4.5 (pending review) UPC
Open-access DIGNITY toolkit (website with tools for co-design and education) D4.6 (pending review) UPC