Pilot demonstrations, to test the DIGNITY approach in real contexts

DIGNITY will work directly with a selected number of case studies in regions/metropolitan areas across Europe, engaging with stakeholders at different levels of governance, new market players and civil society – all of the actors involved in the digital transport eco-system. The pilot demonstrations will follow a common methodology and guidelines. They will start with an analysis of the baseline situation and the digital gap, and then they will test the co-design methodology and the scenario-building approach with local actors. The final results will include the formulation of long-term strategies – an action plan for an inclusive digital transport eco-system – and insights on how to design for maximum user inclusivity and accessibility.

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Number of


Leading Partner
Report on the ‘framing the gap’ at local level (add on to deliverables in WP1)

REPORT –Customer Journey Mapping

D3.1 Mobiel 21


Five local pilot implementation plans D3.2 Mobiel 21
Report on the meso level process (design wheel) D3.3 UCAM
Report on the macro level process (scenario building) D3.4 IZT
Report on the DIGNITY process in the pilots: Five local strategies for an inclusive digital travel eco-system D3.5 (pending review) Mobiel 21