Dissemination & Exploitation, to maximise awareness and increase the use of the DIGNITY approach

DIGNITY will strive to involve as many beneficiaries as possible (local and regional decision-makers as well as representatives of user groups from across Europe) through its communication and dissemination activities. The DIGNITY Learning Community will be created to fully exploit DIGNITY’s research results and disseminate the knowledge acquired to a broad European audience. This community will also help raise awareness of the social implications of the digital transition in the transport sector and encourage the adoption of the DIGNITY approach.



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Leading Partner
Dissemination and Exploitation Plan + visual identity guidelines D5.1 ISINNOVA
Leaflet, posters/roll-ups and presentation D5.2 ISINNOVA
Project website D5.3 ISINNOVA
The DIGNITY Learning Community Platform D5.4 BUAS
Publication 1 – Framing the Gap D5.5 ISINNOVA
Publication 2 – Pilot Experiences and Best Practices D5.6 ISINNOVA
Publication 3 – Gender Issues in digital mobility D5.7 ISINNOVA