Bike sharing platforms, electric car rentals, demand responsive buses, wheelchair-friendly vehicle booking, easy parking apps, real-time traffic navigation systems: digital mobility solutions have come a long way… Not every service, however, can wear an inclusivity badge.

Some of the most inclusive and worthwhile Europe-based products and services have been grouped in DIGNITY’s interactive catalogue. The listings collect “good examples” of already existing mobility products and services which have been designed keeping in mind inclusivity and user diversity.

The range of services/platforms selected include digital solutions for different mobility and transport needs such as journey planning, vehicle sharing, companion driving and payment/booking procedures. Most entries provide a combination of the services above, along with one (often more) specific feature that makes the product stand out for its inclusivity.
Among the inclusivity elements which have been identified and evaluated for each mentioned product/service are aspects such as usability, accessibility, cost, functionality, multi-language options and catering for low technology users.

The catalogue can be searched both by type of service provided and by specific inclusivity feature presented. Each item included in the interactive catalogue has a dedicated focus page containing a detailed description of its purpose and operational mode and links to access further information.

Although the interactive catalogue does not provide a complete overview of all the most inclusive digital mobility products available in Europe, it aims to offer a selection of solutions developed with an inclusive approach.

Help us keep the catalogue relevant and updated!

If you know of an additional digital mobility product or service that might be fit for the inclusivity catalogue, please contact us.