In October, Gemeente Tilburg and ZET organized a Dignity-EU workshop with 8 elderly. They represented several elderly groups such as: the disabled, poor, low, high educated and migrants. Main goal was to find out if and what the digital gap is elderly experience while travelling by train/ bus. We wanted to get insights in what their needs and barriers are in order to make transport more inclusive, one of the main goals of the EU project Dignity. The main question was: We see that the world is becoming increasingly digital, what do you need to keep travelling? To get an answer on that question we asked the participants how they travel now, which barriers they experience, what needs to be improved and what they think the solution is to decrease these barriers.  A lot of interventions/ ideas were mentioned but the one that kept coming back from all the participants is that the human dimension in public transport remains central.

This aspect will surely be included in the continuation of the inclusive design process within the project.