Smou is the municipal app for Barcelona. It helps users to travel around Barcelona, providing access to information and mobility services. The aim behind this new app is to improve users’ experiences by bringing together apps and integrating several BSM (the municipal infrastructure company) mobility services such as parking regulated areas, bicing (bicycle sharing), carsharing, electric vehicle chargers and others into a one-stop-shop space. It aims to provide access to these services in an easier, more comfortable and more intuitive way.

Category: Digital journey planning services/platforms

Developer: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Main function: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms and Digital payment and booking services/ platforms

What is the main sub-function of the service/product: Trip planning, Ride sourcing, Bike sharing, Parking information provision, Vehicle payment, Parking payment

Target group(s): General public/other

Countries/cities of operation: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Spain

Technologies needed to use the service:

  • Digital device with internet connection on the way (smartphone)

Is there a non-digital way to use this service or product? No

Why is this a good example?

Reason(s) Integrates different services in one app
More details The app provides access to multiple different services such as Apparkb and Agilpark (systems for accessing and paying for car parks), Endolla (activate electric-charging points) and Bicing (bicycle-sharing platform).
In this way, the user has access to information about multiple transport modes, and also allows them to access and pay for the services during their mobility experience in an integrated platform. Availability of these services is shown on a single map.
Tags Functionality-Integration of services

Reason(s) Allows the user to see real-time information
More details The app shows the availability of services in real-time. Through this function, the user can consult, for example, the number of electric/ mechanical bikes available in the nearest station.
Tags Functionality-Real-time information

Reason(s) Integration of virtual discount vouchers
More details The app offers the option to digitize analog discount vouchers through the scanning of a QR code and store them inside the app.
Tags Cost, Specific user groups- People with low income, Functionality-Integration of services

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Categories: Digital journey planning services/platforms
Tags: Cost, Functionality, Specific user groups