DIGNITY will not miss out on the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility!
At this year’s Transport Research Arena (Lisbon, 14 – 17 November, 2022), international experts will convene under the inspiring theme Moving together, reimagining mobility worldwide. TRA2022 will focus on innovative solutions for the global transport sector.

On Tuesday, 15 November (8.30 – 10.00) DIGNITY will contribute to exploring user-focused and inclusive mobility in a joint session entitled Emerging Mobility – Fair and Inclusive, where we will be sharing the stage with, among others, our ‘sister’ projects INDIMO and TRIPS.
DIGNITY will provide an angle on the challenges posed by digitalisation of transport for vulnerable travellers, with particular attention to women empowerment in connection to equal transport opportunities.
Co-creation, user-centric and inclusive approaches to digital mobility will be at the heart of our contribution to propose a user-friendly and inclusive digital mobility for the future.

Our project (and our outcomes) will also be showcased among the most successful EU-funded mobility projects at the European Commission’s stand (Exhibition – Booth 2.14) on Monday, 14 November, 2022 (around lunch time).

Check-out the TRA2022 website for more information: https://traconference.eu/