Amber is a car sharing platform that uses electric powered vehicles. The Amber app allows users to book, start, refuel and park an Amber vehicle which provides a seamless alternative to car ownership.

Category: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms

Developer: Amber Nederland B.V.

Main function: Digital vehicle sharing service/platform

What is the main sub-function of the service/product: Consumer car sharing (B2C)

Target group(s): General public/other

Countries/cities of operation: The Netherlands

Technologies needed to use the service:

  • Internet connected smartphone or tablet using either the Android or iOS operating systems

Is there a non-digital way to use this service or product? No

Why is this a good example?

Reason(s) Flexible drop off and pick up
More details The platform allows users to pick up or drop off an Amber car on virtually any street corner. This makes using the service easier and more accessible. If a customer happens to live a bit further away, they can have an Amber car delivered to a location nearby. This makes the service more accessible to people with physical disabilities who are unable to walk to a distant location.
Tags Accessibility

Reason(s) Access to electric vehicles
More details Cities are increasingly adopting measures for low emission areas to mitigate climate change. This platform allows people who do not own an electric vehicle the opportunity to access areas where non-electric vehicles are restricted due to greenhouse emissions.
Tags Functionality-Other

Reason(s) No registration fee to use service, and parking charges waived at some locations.
More details Amber works on the pay-per-use principle. Customers can check out the cost of their trip in advance. There are no registration fees and no parking charges at municipal parking locations.
Tags Cost

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Categories: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms
Tags: Accessibility, Cost, Functionality