With ParkMobile, drivers can search for parking by address, location or parking zone and they will see the parking options in the area: both on the street and in parking garages. They can then make their choice and drive to a parking space close to their destination, furthermore the app charges for parking by the minute and the user is alerted by beeps to start and end the parking booking. The user can additionally opt for a parking subscription and pay via the app.


Digital information services/platforms;

Digital payment and booking platform

Developer: Park Mobile B.V.

Main function: Digital information service/platform and Digital payment and booking service/platform

What is the main sub-function of the service/product: Parking information provision and payment

Target group(s): General public/other

Countries/cities of operation: The Netherlands, Belgium and some regions of the United Kingdom

Technologies needed to use the service:

  • Smartphone or tablet with internet to use the app
  • Mobile phone without internet to start and stop the parking by calling or SMS

Is there a non-digital way to use this service or product? Yes, the platform allows users to call or SMS

Why is this a good example?

Reason(s) Integrates different services into one
More details The app allows users to:
– Find available parking spots in garage and on-street;
– Start and stop the parking duration;
– Pay for the parking;
– Reserve a spot;
– Receive reminders about parking
Tags Functionality-Integration of services

Reason(s) Displays all parking availability at a chosen location (supports rural inhabitants and migrants)
More details The app provides a map with information about all parking locations available at a certain address, location or parking zone. This is a feature useful for people who are unaware of the context of the city they are visiting or living in: rural inhabitants who need to go to a certain city without knowing about parking locations and availability and migrants who are newcomers.
Tags Functionality-Other

Reason(s) Offers discounts on parking and works on the pay per minute principle
More details Users can save up to 50% of the parking fee in more than 150 garages. The parking fee starts accumulating when the users leave the vehicle and stops upon departure back in the vehicle. That way, users are not overpaying and do not have to predict the exact time when they will be back. This is particularly useful for people who are with lower income and do not have access to free parking.
Tags Cost

Reason(s) Available to use by call or SMS
More details Users can start and stop their parking via SMS or a call. This enables elderly people who are not digitally savvy to have access to the service and further supports use of the service by people with low incomes who are not able to afford mobile internet access.
Tags Caters for low technology users

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Categories: Digital information services/platforms, Digital payment and booking services/platforms
Tags: Caters for low technology users, Cost, Functionality