In non-COVID times, the Museum Plus Bus drives a group of elderly people to one of fourteen participating museums, providing a fully catered museum day out free of charge. It is intended for older people who can no longer visit a museum independently. Participants often come from care homes but other older people can join if they meet the eligibility criteria. During the Covid-19 pandemic the bus instead brings artworks from the museums to residential care centers. The care centres can borrow one of four travelling exhibitions for two weeks.

Category: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms

Main function: Other

What is the main sub-function of the service/product: Other

Target group(s): Older people; People with disabilities

Countries/cities of operation: The Netherlands

Technologies needed to use the service:

  • Mobile phone or tablet (with internet connection)

Is there a non-digital way to use this service or product? No

Why is this a good example?

Reason(s) Adaptable interface of the website
More details The website has an option to change the letter size. This can be a useful option for people with impaired vision.
Tags Accessibility

Reason(s) Enhances sociability and mobility of the elderly
More details The service offers trips to museums for elderly people who can no longer visit a museum independently.
Tags Specific user groups-Older people

Reason(s) Offers companion services for wheelchair users
More details The Museum Plus Bus is intended for groups of 30 to 45 people. This includes guides (at least 1 companion for every 15 people and one-on-one guidance for wheelchair-bound participants).
Tags Specific user groups-Older people; Specific user groups-People with disabilities

Reason(s) The bus caters to the needs of people with disabilities
More details 10 to16 foldable aids (wheelchairs / walkers) can be carried in the bus. 2 fixed wheelchairs or 1 electric wheelchair can also be taken on the bus via the wheelchair lift. The lift is used to place the fixed wheelchairs at the top, and can also be used to help a participant enter the bus if they have difficulty walking, the wheelchair lift can be used under the supervision of the driver.
Tags Specific user groups-People with disabilities

Reason(s) The service is completely free of charge
More details Transport, entrance to the museum, a guided tour and one cup of coffee are offered free of charge. This makes the services accessible for people on low income.
Tags Cost; Specific user groups-People with low income

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Categories: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms
Tags: Accessibility, Cost, Specific user groups