De Zonnebloem Auto rents out wheelchair friendly vehicles. There is an option to request a volunteer driver for the vehicle. Alternatively, the cars could be driven by a friend or family member. Users can access this service via a website or phone call. On initial registration, De Zonnebloem creates a pass with an identification number. The pass number is given immediately and a physical pass is sent in the post. With the pass number, users reserve a car via the website or by telephone. Once reserved, users can collect the Zonnebloem car from the rental location. If a volunteer driver is allocated, they will drive the vehicle from the rental location to the user. This service is priced daily and at the end of the day the vehicle is returned to the rental location.

Category: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms

Main function: Digital vehicle sharing service/platform

What is the main sub-function of the service/product: Consumer car sharing (Wheelchair-friendly vehicles)

Target group(s): People with disabilities; Older people

Countries/cities of operation: The Netherlands

Technologies needed to use the service:

  • Mobile phone or tablet (without internet connection)

Is there a non-digital way to use this service or product? Yes, the vehicles can be booked by telephone.

Why is this a good example?

Reason(s) Booking possible via non-digital ways
More details Reservations can be made via the website or by telephone (during office hours).
Tags Caters for low technology users

Reason(s) Enhances sociability and mobility of people with disabilities and the elderly
More details The service aims to support people with disabilities and older people with mobility issues.
Tags Specific user groups-Older people; Specific user groups-People with disabilities

Reason(s) Reduced cost for those who are dependent on a wheelchair or mobility scooter
More details Customers who are not dependent on a wheelchair or a mobility scooter pay the commercial rate of €100 per day. For people dependent on a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, the cost is €40 per day.
Tags Cost-Specific user groups-People with disabilities

Reason(s) Option to book a volunteer driver
More details It is possible to request a volunteer driver. The driver will pick up the vehicle, drive to the pick-up location of the passenger and take them to their destination.
Tags Functionality-On-demand services; Specific user groups-Older people; Specific user groups-People with disabilities;

Reason(s) Offers wheelchair accessible vehicles
More details All the vehicles in the fleet (both electric and non-electric) are wheelchair-accessible.
Tags Specific user groups-People with disabilities

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Categories: Digital vehicle sharing services/platforms
Tags: Caters for low technology users, Cost, Functionality, Specific user groups